PROPEL is a six week prevention program for youth in 4th through 6th grade. The youth will learn team building and leadership skills through group interactions and structured activities led by a Mentor. Speakers are experts in their fields from our community.  Our speakers are CEO's, Administrators, Youth Leaders, Professional Counselors, Other non-profits, and real life people in the community that have been through real life struggles and adversity.

 The program aims to address issues now, before they become a problem later.

The youth will  have fun. They will increase his/her self-esteem, learn better methods of communication and improve their decision-making skills.

Six critical issues facing youth today will be addressed:                              

Week 1. Leadership/ Team Building Activity                                                

Week 2. Bullying                                                                                        

Week 3. Self Esteem / Team Building Activity                                                                                             

Week 4. Coping and Relationships                                                                                        

Week 5. Drugs and Alcohol                                                                                   

Week 6. Health and Wellness/ Cross Fit Activity