Rope Youth Graduation Requirements


To graduate from Project ROPE a youth member must have a total of 1,600


 Meeting Attendance
Each meeting is worth 60 points. Each youth must have a mandatory 600 points in order to satisfy graduation requirements.

Attend Meeting =                                      +60 points
Arrive 10 minutes early=                          +15 points
Arrive late+                                                -15 points
If 15 minutes late class will not count.

 Outing Participation

Each Outing is worth 250 points. Each youth must have a mandatory 500 points in order to satisfy graduation requirements.

 Attend Outing =                                                +250 points                                                                                                       Shirt                                                                    +25 points
 No Shirt=                                                            -25 points
 Good Behavior=                                                 +25 points

Community Service

Each is worth 50 points. Each youth must have a mandatory 200 points in order to satisfy graduation requirements.

One hour community service =  +50 points

*Youth must have the community service pre approved by a member of the Rope Youth staff.

*Youth must provide written documentation from the organization, which the youth is providing community service hours.

Redirection Outdoor Program Experience (R.O.P.E.) provides juvenile offenders an alternative to formal court proceedings and offers a chance for these and other youth to accept responsibility and move forward in their lives. Through structured activities, this program aims to reduce the recidivism rate among offending youth and provide a positive activity for other at-risk youth. R.O.P.E. is for non-violent 11- to 17 year-old boys and girls. During the mandatory portion of the program, youth attend four meetings per month and are required to perform 4 hrs. of community service. A typical group has 15 to 20 youth who participate together throughout program, after which they have the option of continuing their participation as a leader. The groups are exposed to 12 workshops that rotate every 12 weeks. The speakers are professional speakers, people in the community that are reformed criminals and victims of crimes. We partner with many area non-profits to facilitate our workshops.

Legal System
Victims Impact Panel
Self-Esteem: Personal Awareness and Growth
Health and Physical fitness
Drugs, Alcohol, Toacco
Health and Fitness and other Healthy Habits
Finical Literacy
Careers and Planning for a “Bright” Future
Goal Setting and Personal Decision Making
Sexual integrity                                                                                                                                                  Jail Tour


At least once a month the youth participate in a High adventure activity. All activities usually always involve camping. Project R.O.P.E. Activities include Horse Back Ridding, Rappelling, Caving, Backpacking, Hiking, Swimming, Canoeing, and other Outdoor Activities. We Partner with the Boy Scouts and use their Camps and facilities, we also use State and National Parks.


Midland Project R.O.P.E. Location:

Golf Course Road Church of Christ, 3500 West golf Course Road Meeting is located east of the Main Building Look for the ROPE Youth sign Every Thursday at 5:30pm-6:30pm