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Redirection Outdoor Program Experience (R.O.P.E.) provides juvenile offenders an alternative to formal court proceedings and offers a chance for these and other youth to accept responsibility and move forward in their lives. Through structured activities, this program aims to reduce the recidivism rate among offending youth and provide a positive activity for other at-risk youth. R.O.P.E. is for non-violent 11 to 17 year old boys and girls. During the mandatory portion of the program, youth attend four meetings per month and are required to perform 4 hours of community service. A typical group has 15 to 20 youth who participate together throughout the program, after which they have the option of continuing their participation as a leader. The groups are exposed to 12 workshops that rotate every 12 weeks. The speakers are professional speakers, people in the community that are reformed criminals and victims of crimes. We partner with many area non-profits to facilitate our workshops.

R.O.P.E. Workshops

  • Legal System
  • Victims Impact Panel
  • Self-Esteem: Personal Awareness and Growth
  • Health and Physical Fitness
  • Leadership
  • Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco
  • Health and Fitness and Other Healthy Habits
  • Financial Literacy
  • Careers and Planning for a “Bright” Future
  • Goal Setting and Personal Decisionmaking
  • Sexual Integrity
  • Jail Tour

High Adventure Activities

At least once per month, the youth participate in a high adventure activity. All activities usually involve camping. Project R.O.P.E. activities include horseback riding, rappelling, caving, backpacking, hiking, swimming, canoeing, and other outdoor activities. We partner with the Boy Scouts and use their camps and facilities and also use state and national parks.


GROW (Girls Rule Our World) Is an all girls in-school self-esteem program. Grow meets every week with the members at their school during lunch. GROW is all about giving the girls an opportunity to explore their strengths and special qualities…what it is that makes them who they are. GROW gives them a place to express their thoughts, feelings and ideas without being judged. Girls learn ways to strengthen the relationships they want to keep and which relationships to let go. GROW will show them ways to take good care of their whole selves. They learn ways to deal with stress, express anger, make good decisions, and protect their inner selves. Most importantly, they will hang out with other girls and their program mentor. GROW girls participate in community, local sleep overs and camping trips.
GROW starts in the seventh grade and girls participate in the program until they graduate from high school. The Mentor follows the girls grade by grade and school by school.


MENtor is an all male, weekly mentoring program that meets during school lunch hours. MENtor receives referrals from teachers and guidance counselors. Generally, each young man in our program has limited family support, lives below the poverty line, and is being raised by a single parent or guardian. Because of these disadvantages, most of these young men are behind academically. The best way to overcome these challenges is for young men to have supportive relationships with concerned adults. MENtor’s purpose is to provide a stable, trustworthy adult presence that the student may not otherwise have in their life. The program begins in seventh grade and follows through their remaining academic career. A young man’s mentor will remain the same during this time and provides emotional support, fosters confidence and a positive self-image, and helps the young man to reach his academic goals.


PROPEL is a six-week prevention program for youth in 4th through 6th grades. The youth learn team-building and leadership skills through group interactions and structured activities lead by a mentor. Our speakers are CEOs, administrators, youth leaders, professional counselors, leaders from other non-profit agencies, and real-life people in the community who have been through real life struggles and adversity. The program aims to address issues now before they become a problem later. The youth have fun while increasing their self-esteem, learning better methods of communication, and improving their decision-making skills.

We address six critical issues that are facing youth today:
Week 1: Leadership/team building activity
Week 2: Bullying
Week 3: Self esteem/team building activity
Week 4: Coping and relationships
Week 5: Drugs and alcohol
Week 6: Health and wellness/Cross-Fit activity

Kuhnert Academy

Kuhnert Academy is a Weekend leadership retreat for young males at risk of expulsion, facing expulsion or have been expelled. Kuhnert Academy take place at Triple L Ranch (10201 S county Rd 1110 Midland, TX) about 15 miles outside of Midland. The weekend is facilitated by Dave Kuhnert the author of Servant Leadership and Production Manager at Crownquest Operating. Dave, along with volunteers from Crownquest mentor the young men in the program. The weekend consists of 16 hours of leadership training and
small group table time led by mentors. The young men will also hear motivational speakers during each meal. The goal is to help these young men define their purpose for their lives. The weekend helps participants to understand how successful living works through teaching them to become servant leaders. MAP or Coleman HS are our target schools.

Young Gentleman's Club

Young Gentlemen’s Club is a hands-on mentoring program created to help at-risk elementary aged boys develop into upstanding citizens and young gentlemen. The program serves as a life-line for boys who are in danger of falling through the cracks. Mentors work with the boys to show them another way to live. The program focuses on manhood, self-empowerment, financial responsibility, goal setting, public speaking, etiquette, positive mannerism, college readiness, and more. YGC members are recommended by their school counselor and the groups consist of 6-12 boys.

The group will have a school sponsor and be facilitated by a Rope Youth employee who will bring in positive male role models from the community to talk to the boys on a weekly basis during lunch time. Rope Youth will provide the lunch. The members will become leaders at their school. Every Thursday, the boys will wear a shirt, tie and Jacket. The boys will start their day by greeting their fellow students as they arrive to school for the day and will serve the school with tasks set by the school counselor.

Food First

We want to make sure that kids have the food that they need- food first. One of the main functions of Food First is to provide food for youth to take home to eat when they are not in school. We have also worked to help with school lunch debt, as kids can’t learn on an empty stomach.

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